About the Book: The Beautiful Life & Tragic Death of Parker Moore


Parker Moore, 20 years old, tall and talented, quick to smile and charismatic to all, made a late-night trip to a 7-11 on November 15, 2014. His subsequent murder inside that store sent shockwaves through McMinnville, Oregon and his hometown of Woodinville, Washington. It traumatized the Linfield College and Woodinville High football teams, and shattered the lives of family and friends.     

His attacker was 33-year-old Juventino Bermudez-Arenas, a mysterious illegal immigrant who lived behind the convenience store.  

Society will never know the contributions Parker Moore could have made. His irresistible charm earned him instant friends. His rebellious streak made him a free thinker. His charisma commanded rooms. His playful humor brightened the lives of everyone around him. His common sense and down-to-earth faith aided people in their toughest times. His willingness to stand alone for what he believed made him admired.  

In short, this was a great future leader in the making.  

Writer Derek Johnson paints a portrait of Parker’s life. He then draws on more than sixty interviews with Parker’s friends and family to reveal their feelings of devastation and grief, as well as the murder’s impact upon their faith.

Sondra Brady